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December 11, 2011 / ungoalswithtori

Scientific Technologies Connected to the Water Crisis

Science has played a big part in creating a way to provide people around the globe with safe, bacteria free water and proper sanitation. Some basic technologies such as drilled wells have been created with the help and development of science. The drills needed to drill deep into the ground to reach aquifers has been created due to physics and engineering. The science of geology has made it easier in located these hidden aquifers underneath the ground. Also the new more inative technologies in providing clean water such as BioSand filters. These devices made of stone, chambers of sand and microbial layer is able to remove 99% of the deadly bacteria in the water they drink. With the little need for maintenance it is one of the most affordable and reliable methods. With the help of the science in knowing the composes of bacteria. Scientists have been able to find the types of sand and rocks capable of taking them out of water.

Sanitation is a major problem over in third world countries. The lack of proper sanitation has led to spread of bacteria and diseases. Some children are forced to walk miles to reach a bathroom. The creation of latrines and toilets in these developing countries improve atendance at schools and keeping the spread of bacteria to a minimum. Science has helped in providing latrines for schools and clinics through the science of engineering and sanitation.




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